Kermel et Kermel serif - typographie

Typographie fantaisiste de titrage

Kermel disponible sur Myfonts
Kermel serif disponible sur Myfonts

This is one of the best handwriting fonts that I have seen in (1 month), okay maybe less, the type scene is crowded of good typographers but the point is that this hand writing fonts join the wagon of the best hand made typefaces of 2013

Kermel is a colorful typeface created by Ewen Prigent and published by La Boîte Graphique. Contrasting with the stuffy, straight style, Kermel displays an apparently undeveloped design, which reminds of the childhood calligraphic games and adds the so called “joie de vivre” to your layouts. The thick straight lines, the unornamented and fresh appearance make it suitable to funny illustrations, titles, magazines and labels.

The first font I thought I’d mention is Kermel.
I like this font because of how versatile it is. For any type of work where you need a font that is handwritten and supplies a friendly tone, you can’t go wrong with Kermel.
Kermel is a font that takes inspiration from a child’s handwriting. Kermel just made sure to go the extra mile to make sure all of the letters were cleanly drawn and legible.
Just try to imagine all of the different things you can do with this font.
Endless possibilities, right ? It’s hard to not be made HAPPY from this font. It adds such a colorful and playful tone that is sure to lighten any of your designs.
A part of this font that I loved was how perfect the characters were. They somehow managed to capture the “messiness” of a 1st grader’s handwriting, yet they managed to present it in a way that no one would immediately call “messy”. Epic !
Overall, Kermel is a perfect choice if you are looking for an imperfect font that provides beautifully clean handwriting in a friendly manner.